Peach Chementine x 3.5 g



THC 29.04% & Total Terpenes 3.02%
3.5g Medical Allotment Deduction



A tasty mix carefully chosen by the experts at MSIKU, Peach Chementine combines the citrusy sweetness of fragrant peaches, fuel, and clementines. The dense, fuzzy, frosted buds of the Peach Chementine give off the delicious scent of Peach Ringz with a hint of fuel on the undertone. Sought after by cannabis connoisseurs for its taste and aroma, this indica strain is a descendant of the rare Peach OG lineage with Cookies. This Indica-dominant hybrid is best suited for seasoned consumers.

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, Farnesene, Carophyllene, Limonene

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