High Plains – Live Rosin Blend Blueberry Chemdawg Indica Vape x 1 g


THC 800 mg/g

Packaged June 8, 2023

4g Medical Allotment Deduction

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We crossed the legendary DJ Short Blueberry with the OG Chemdawg from the early 90’s. The blueberry produces sweet, tart notes with the Chemdawg giving it gassy notes. This indica leaning blueberry forward flavour delivers. High Plains Live Hash Rosin Blend uses high quality Live Hash Rosin produced on Vancouver Island, mixed with high purity distillate produced by Nextleaf Labs and botanical terpenes for a true to cannabis flavour profile. 

THC 75-85 mg/g  CBD 0-10 mg/g

Lineage: Blueberry x Chemdawg 

Live Rosin: 45-159um

Dominant Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Myrcene, and Beta-Pinene

Taste: Sweet blueberry mixed with a gassy after note

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