Jealousy x Apple Banana X 7 g


Current Lot:  Packaged October 2023

THC 33.6% & 3.21% Terpenes
7g Medical Allotment Deduction



A cross of the cultivars between Jealousy (2022 Leafly Strain of the year)  and Apple x Bananas providing a flavour profile of fresh ripe apples intermingled with an earthy diesel fuel, complimented by creamy baked goods, and a late twist of lemon and lime candies.  Medium, dense and VERY STICKY, and may be considered hard to use in a grinder.  Considered an Indica leaning hybrid, with a rapid onset and a sustained effect.

Smells:  Ripe Apples, Diesel, Creamy Baked Goods, Lemon/lime Candy

Flavours:  Sweet Apples, with Herb/Spice and Diesel Fuel

Top Terpenes:  Limonene, B-carophyllene, Linalool, Nerolidol

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